Spray Foam Installation

R Value VS. Performance Value

Performance value testing measures all three types of heats: conduction, convection, and radiant. These performance tests have proven that real thermal resistance value (R-value) of standard insulation is very inaccurate. There is as much as a 60% decrease in their true R-values.

As an example, R-15 fiberglass batts actually performs like an R-9. An R-30 fiberglass batt performs like an R-19. Blown insulations like fiberglass, cellulose and rock wool have even lower R-values. To meet code requirements today, our attics must have a minimum of an R-38 insulation. But because blown insulations are less expensive than the batt insulation, all too often it is the insulation of choice. Performance tests show blown insulations have the worst performance results.

In this performance test they used a 4 mph movement of air around each tested insulation product. The results were as follows: 3.5 inches of open cell foam, which has an R-value of 13, easily out performed 12 inches of blown fiberglass and cellulose which is an R-30. These old methods of insulation allow air to flow through them.

Northern Spray Foam uses two types of foam:

Closed Cell
  • 7.1 R/Inch - Highest R-Value
  • Vapor barrier
  • Air barrier
  • Structural Stability
  • Sound Deadening
  • 2lb Foam
  • Good for crawl spaces, exterior walls, wall cavities, floor assemblies, ceiling assemblies, and attics (vented and unvented)
Open Cell
  • 3.7 R/Inch
  • Air Barrier
  • Excellent Sound Proofing
  • Light-density .5lb
  • Good for exterior walls, wall cavities, floor assemblies, ceiling assemblies, and attics (Vented and unvented)
Exterior Spray Insulation Foam

The unique properties of spray foam insulation has an advantage over rolled insulation.

  • Immediately expands to form an airtight insulation barrier
  • Will not sag, shift, or disintegrate through the life of your home
  • Reduces outside air contamination and your carbon footprint
  • Eliminates cold drafts and humid air
  • Prevents moisture and mold

Insulation Gallery

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Attic before shot
Attic after shot
A frame insualtion
Insulation spray attic
Rafters spray insulation
Attic spray insulation
Attic spray foam


Barn insulation
Barn insulation 2
Garage spray foam
Garage spray insulation
Applying foam insulation
Spray foam application barn
Spray foam process barn walls
Barn insulation high walls


Basement foam insulation
Basement foam insulation 2
Basement foam insulation 3
Insulating porch floor

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Foam insulated garage
Foam insulated garage 2


Garage spray insulation


Spray foam insulate roof rafters
Fresh foam spray insulation
Finishing spray foam job
Home sprayed insulation
Second floor spray insulation
Spray insulation home
Exterior wall insulation
Insulated door frame
Foam in action
Foam insulation new build
Insulated wall

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Insulating above garage doors

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